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Law firm LIVERTE

Liisa Linna ja Meris Velling

Who are we?

Law firm LIVERTE was established in 2020 by attorneys-at-law with long-time practise and vast experience – Liisa Linna and Meris Velling.

The law firm LIVERTE stands for freedom and truth. These are the ultimate values of law in legal order, which as high principles of our attorneys also reflect in the name of our firm: LIBERTÉ (French for „freedom“) and VÉRITÉ (French for “truth”).

Our aim is to contribute to a well-functioning legal system. Even the smallest case may lead to a precedent which changes the interpretation of the law and creates new quality to the administration of justice.

Our expertise

Real estate and construction law

We advise in:

  • Transactions and disputes related to real estates;
  • Issues with apartment associations;
  • Proceedings of and disputes over spatial development plans;
  • Proceedings of building permits and use and occupancy permits;
  • Preparing designing and construction contracts and representation in disputes arising thereof;
  • Composing administrative contracts with governmental and local authorities and counselling clients in performance thereof;
  • Neighbourhood rights, disputes over accessways and other servitudes, etc.

Agricultural and land law

We advise in:

  • EU structural supports; ARIB supports;
  • Land reform issues;
  • Environmental issues (including the processes of environmental permits such as special use of water; emission of pollutants; etc);
  • Contracts of agricultural leases.

Human rights

We advise in:

  • Equality and discrimination cases;
  • Challenging the administrative acts that breach the fundamental rights and freedoms;
  • Legislative process (legislative research and analyses of bills);
  • Private law disputes concerning human rights.

Contract and trade law

We advise in:

  • Preparing various contracts in different fields of business;
  • Disputes over contracts and non-contractual claims;
  • Legal issues concerning various groups of products.

Immigration law

We advise in:

  • Proceedings of visas and residence permits;
  • Proceedings of applications for asylum;
  • Composing documents for hiring foreign employees.

Clients about us

Tõnu Trubetsky
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Lõpuks jõudis lahenduseni ligi pool aastat kestnud vaidlus, kus mind, kui korteri omanikku kaevati kohtusse. Õnneks võtsin end ning tütart esindama suurepärase vandeadvokaadi Liisa Linna ning tema Advokaadibüroo LIVERTE. Liisa esitas väga põhjaliku vastuhagi, mille tulemusena hageja otsustas minna kompromissile. Samuti aitas ta lahendada maja elanike vahelise tüli. Livertele suur tänu!

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