Meris Velling

Partner and attorney-at-law

The story of Meris

Meris Velling is the founding partner of LIVERTE Law Firm. Specialising in the solving and preventing of disputes, Meris is a highly regarded attorney-at-law who advises and represents clients in the proceedings of civil and administrative procedures, and alternative dispute resolutions. Meris has vast experience and specific expertise in the field of public law – matters regarding the relationship between state and individual person. She is a specialist of constitutional and administrative law, primarily of matters concerning state liability; construction and planning proceedings; state aid; national aid; and EU structural assistance and public procurements.

Prior to founding LIVERTE, Meris worked for years in dispute resolution team at Ellex Raidla and Primus law firms and as an advisor at the Ministry of Justice. Meris also puts emphasis on academic experience – she has expanded her knowledge base at the University of Vienna, trained at the Administrative Law Chamber of the Supreme Court of Estonia, and given lectures and seminars at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

In addition to her daily attorney duties, Meris is also dedicated to protecting and promoting fundamental and human rights. She has contributed to several field-related projects and is regularly cooperating with non-governmental organisations that specialise in protecting fundamental and human rights.